Review: Queens of the stone age – The o2

I have seen Queens of the stone age many times over the years, in venues ranging from the small confines of The Olympia Theatre to the monstrous Spandau Citadel in Berlin. Every show has been different and memorable in its own way so I was looking forward to seeing them in the o2 in Dublin for the first time. They kicked things off with the energetic You think I aint worth a dollar but I feel like a millionaire which got the crowd going. Before the crowd had a chance to take it all in they followed it up with No one knows which unsurprisingly got the biggest reaction of the night.

 Their new album has been very popular so I assumed a hefty portion of the audience wouldn’t be long time fans. It was pretty much confirmed when new songs such as I sat by the ocean drove the crowd wild, but classics such as Monsters in the parasol caused the crowd to become bored and motionless. All in all it was a very new album heavy gig which seemed to keep people happy, out of 21 songs 8 were from their new album Like clockwork. The new album is fantastic so that is by no means a complaint. They still managed to squeeze in classics such as Little sister, Sick sick sick, Make it wit chu and The lost art of keeping a secret among others. Josh regaled the crowd with a few stories throughout the night, the most memorable was the one about a crazy Dublin fan who snuck in to their Van the last time they were playing here. The highlight for me though was Better living through chemistry, Rated r is my favourite of their albums so it was great to hear this seldom played classic amongst the new songs.

 They finished the set with Go with the flow, complete with Songs for the deaf era animations on the screen behind them. After a short exit from the stage they came back for a three song encore that comprised of The vampire of time and memory, I appear missing and a particularly powerful version of A song for the dead. All in all I had a good time, but I have seen them play better gigs. Don’t get me wrong I have seen them play worse gigs too and It was by no means bad but something just seemed a bit lacking at this one. Perhaps It’s because I have seen them so many times and have something to compare it to that I wasn’t as impressed. Either way it wont be the last time I see them, that’s a guarantee.


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