Ennio Morricone – Q&A at The Lighthouse cinema


Ennio Morricone was in Dublin last weekend for his two sold out gigs, and while I wasn’t lucky enough to go to either of them I did manage to get a much sought after ticket to the q&a session that was held in the lighthouse cinema in smithfield.  He arrived to a standing ovation which isn’t surprising considering that this was Morricone’s first ever public interview in the Republic of Ireland.  He turns 85 this year and given how rarely he does interviews the chances of something like this occurring on our shores again are very slim.

Morricone doesn’t speak any English so the interview was conducted with the help of his translator Roberta. The interviewer Sir Christopher Frayling is a huge fan who has written at length about the master’s work and is also the author of the definitive biography of Film Director Sergio Leone and so his questions were very in depth and interesting.  The interview ran for well over an hour but it seemed like only minutes, he could easily have talked for a few more hours and everyone would have remained as enthralled. It was fascinating to get an insiders view into how he composes, I was shocked when he said he completes one score from start to finish in just a month. He talked about how his career started and how he hopes that it won’t end anytime soon.He talked in detail about how he uses abstract noises in his compositions and he expressed annoyance at the fact that he is perhaps best known for his work on westerns when it makes up only a small portion of his work.

After the interview Morricone was presented with the Volta award, he is the first person to receive the award outside of the Jameson international film festival. It was in recognition of his enduring legacy and peerless contribution to world cinema. The award was presented by Bill Whelan, the acclaimed composer of Riverdance. I really enjoyed the whole session and found it very interesting, the award was well deserved and I hope he has many years left to come in the business.


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