Interview: Jet set radio

How did you guys meet/form the band?

Andy: We came together from a few different projects. Myself and Cormac had worked together in bands before and I was studying music in Trinity with Rírá. Myself and Rírá just started playing together and then we drafted in Cormac and Kirsty; who Cormac and I knew since we were in school. We had some problems getting the right drummer but Dave, who joined earlier this year, has finished the line-up.

You’re returning to Arcade con to play this Saturday as the headliners, are you excited?

Kirsty: Yeah it was really amazing playing last year, the crowd were really welcoming and they seemed really into it what we were doing so we’re really excited to be back this year.

Dave: Yeah it’s actually my first time at a convention so I’m excited to be part of it. Chipzel is playing too so that’s going to be a highlight for me.

Andy: I’m shitting myself for meeting Chipzel. She’s so class.

Rírá: Ahh she’s so claaaass.

You are also launching your debut e.p while there, want to tell me a bit about it?

Cormac: It’s savage, buy it.

Andy: We’ve been working on it for a really long time. We recorded it with Eberhart who people might know from producing for Bitches with Wolves and Temper Mental Miss-Elayneous. He’s a really great electronic music producer and we had a lot of fun working on it.

Do you have any more up and coming gigs?

Andy: As of right now no we’ve been focussing on all the various tasks of the launch but once its out there in the world we’ll be hungry for them so keep your eyes peeled you’ll probably see posters around soon enough.

 Have you any plans to record a full album?

Dave: At the moment we’re gearing up to start recording our second E.P. We’re still experimenting with mixing live music with electronic music so we’ll be doing another E.P before an album.

Andy: We’re trying a load of different styles of electronic music over rock music, because our live shows inevitably come out very rock-enfused. Rare Candy is very pop-focussed and that was very intentional. The next one will be slightly rockier, the songs are already written we just have to go in and record them.

You’ve shared stages with quite a few big bands over the years, what has been your favourite gig?

Rírá: We supported Basshunter at the D.I.T freshers ball and after our set he said he liked our set, that was really cool.

Kirsty: He’s so hot.

Rírá: Ah now…

Kirsty: mostly because he’s funny.

You’ve had a lot of interest outside Ireland, do you think that you will stay in Ireland or move to somewhere with a bigger music scene?

Dave: The irish music scene is really thriving at the moment there are loads of fantastic bands but yeah a lot of our influences are Japanese or Korean so it could be a pull in the future.

Andy: I read a thing in Music Week a few months ago that said the Asian music market, specifically Japan, is the only one not in decline at the moment so I’d really like to get to be a part of that while it’s thriving. But yeah like Dave said it’s far down the line if its going to happen at all. Your first E.P is a little early to be thinking of emigrating!

 If you could cover one song what would it be and why?

Kirsty: 2NE1 ‘I am the Best’

Andy: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Best pop song ever.

Dave: It would have to be Chvrches ‘We Sink’ (But secretly, Lamb of God ’11th Hour’).

Cormac: Probably ‘It’s Raining Men.’ I’ve spent a long time perfecting all aspects, for example the dance moves, so I think I could pull it off.

Rírá: Any Chromeo song.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Andy: Arcade Con probably. It was just such a shock that they were so receptive to us ’cause I have friends in that scene but the others didn’t (they do now though) so it was amazing to get the reaction we got.

Kirsty: OR the d.i.t freshers ball and trinity ball, getting to share a stage with so many top tier acts was just mind blowing.

What does the future hold for the band?

Andy: Well we’re pretty much going to go straight into the studio to record the next e.p. We’ve had these songs for ages now and we’re really anxious to get them down and start writing again. Basically we’ll be whoring ourselves out to promote Rare Candy and working working working on new stuff.


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