Review: The Holy Sparks EP

If Ian Curtis was still alive and making songs to feature in b rated sci-fi movies I’m pretty sure they would sound exactly like the songs from “Plots of the patriarchs” by “The Holy Sparks!!!”. You might think that description is a bit crazy, just give it a listen and I guarantee you won’t disagree with me. It’s really not a bad thing, I quite liked their quirky style and approach to songs. In a world full of pop clones where all music is beginning to sound the same, they are offering something outside the norm. Although only four songs long it certainly makes an impression.

Each song is completely different and I never knew what to expect. Every time I pressed play I was excited to hear what they would do next. Album opener “Plots of the patriarchs” changed style so many times it would be hard to give it a label. Slow haunting lyrics are hidden behind a fast drum beat and futuristic sound effects, a weird combination but they somehow make it work. “Ming” on the other hand is a funky riff heavy number that lightens the mood. “There is no code” sounds like a punk garage band just jamming out. For the most part lyric less, they let the tune do the talking. “Further down the uroborus” is pretty much a rant monologue set to music with some shouting thrown in near the end for good measure, probably my least favourite from their offering. It’s not that its bad, I just think that the other three songs were far superior.

All in all I quite enjoyed this EP. It was different and can’t be compared to anything else I have heard recently. I like that they are trying something new, others may not agree but I for one think they pull off the quirky style they go for. They have been labelled as experimental music and it’s clear to see why, I’m excited to see their future experiments.

You can get The Holy Sparks Ep from their bandcamp page here.


You can read the original review here.


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