My favourite album: The Beatles – Revolver



You know how when you’re a child and you are denied something, how it becomes so much more appealing and enjoyable to you when you grow up because you never had it in your life? That’s kind of what happened to me with The Beatles. I come from a long line of Beatles haters, parents, grandparents, they all hate The Beatles with a passion. My childhood was completely Beatles free unlike most of my peers, who have fond memories of listening to them with their parents when they were growing up. Of course I knew of them, it’s impossible to be completely oblivious to them given how often they appear in popular culture. But I had never sat down and listened to their music.

That all changed on a holiday to Spain when I was 16. My dad had a penchant for buying bundles of cd’s from the guys who wandered from table to table in the pubs and restaurants flogging their wares. One of the cd’s he happened to purchase in a bundle was the Beatles album ‘1’, I found it, gave it a listen and the rest as they say is history.

The more I listened the more I loved them until it’s gotten to the stage where it’s now pretty much an obsession. Trying to choose an album to name as my favourite was like Sophie’s choice, I love them all. I thought about it over and over and eventually I settled on one, ‘Revolver’. I chose revolver because it has so many amazing songs, and a song for every mood. ‘I’m only sleeping’ is one of my all-time favourite Beatles tracks, I love it so much I have lyrics from it tattooed on my wrist! The songs are so varied that they don’t even sound like they belong on the same album. For example compare the melodic ‘Here, there and everywhere’ to say the Indian inspired ‘Tomorrow never knows’. Or the edgy ‘Taxman’ to the simplistic ‘Yellow submarine’.

It’s an album that is often overlooked in favour of some of their more prominent ones like ‘The white album’ which I think is a bit unfair. It was around this time that their styles started to become more varied, but they managed to combine them all to great effect. It’s probably the album that I have listened to the most which is saying something. Despite breaking up decades ago they are still as relevant as they were then, and still continue to inspire just as many people as they did then. This is one album that should be in any collection, no matter what type of music you are into.


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