Radio room – When you’ve made it EP

Radio Room are a four piece indie/alternative band that hail from Dublin. Formed early in 2010, they are looking to make an instant impression with their debut EP,  ‘When You’ve Made It’.

A run through of album shows clear indie pop influences, the like of which has driven some of our most recent success stories like Two Door Cinema Club or This Club. The first track As The World Churns is a hard-hitting introduction giving us early notions of what we can expect from this band. It combines catchy guitar riffs and drum beats with gritty vocals, showing off the unique tones of singer Robbie Murphy. The riffs roll along throughout, creating a track that is as pleasant as it is catchy.

What I like about this band is their upbeat infectious nature. They are the ultimate pick me up. I found them to be the perfect soundtrack to the lovely weather we had recently. Functions is a fast paced number with harsher vocals. If As The World Churns eases you in, then Functions is where things really get going. Nether is my favourite track from the EP. A slow burner that works it’s way into your brain days after listening, cheery, catchy and fun.

The album is closed out with another upbeat track, There’s Only Ghosts, which carries the tempo of the EP right through to its climax. Overall the EP reels you in via its infectious pace where you almost struggle to sing the words back. It’s not the best EP we’ve heard this year but it’s far from the worst. As debut’s go, it shows the potential to write catchy songs is there already and in the future perhaps Radio Room could be another indie-pop act that rises to prominence.


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