Top 5 gigs of 2011

Queens of the Stone Age – The Olympia

If there was one gig I could relive it would be this one. I can still remember the absolute blind panic I had trying to get tickets like it was yesterday. I couldn’t sleep the night before they went on sale, and even with four computers open and vying for tickets I only managed to get two seated tickets. The gig itself was perfection, and worth the stress. They played the entire first album from start to finish and treated the audience to not one but two encores, packing in all their hits.

The Minutes – The Workmans Club

I have been a fan of The Minutes for years. I first seen them playing in someone’s garage a few years ago and have been following them ever since. I have seen them go from strength to strength and was thrilled when their first album was finally released. I felt like a proud parent attending their album launch gig. The atmosphere was electric and the energy was unmatched. The venue was packed to the rafters and a million miles away from that first garage band gig. They have just finished their European tour and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Christy Moore with Declan Sinnott– Vicar Street

The most recent gig on my list, but it’s one that definitely deserves to be included on this list. I enjoyed myself from start to finish and really got lost in the performance. There wasn’t one dull song or one moment where I had lost interest. It was the first time I had seen them perform and it left a very lasting impression on me. They are playing a few more shows early next year and I would highly recommend going to check them out.

Ash – The Academy

I’ve seen Ash many times over the years, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen them perform with Charlotte Hatherley. Having her back with them really gave them a boost and I have never seen them perform so well. They worked through the whole of Free All Angels. Songs I never thought I would hear live were rolled out just for the occasion. It brought me back to my youth and made it one of the stand out gigs of the year for me.

Pulp – Electric picnic

Of all the bands I was expecting to see headline this years Electric picnic festival, Pulp were not one of them. They have been on my list of bands to see for years, but I never thought crossing them off my list would become a reality. They put on an amazing show, and had one of the biggest turnouts of the festival. Nothing beats dancing around a field at night to common people live with your friends. An experience I will never forget.


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