Bombay Bicycle Club – Vicar Street 05/12/11

I was surprised when I heard Bombay bicycle club would be playing Vicar Street but none the less I was thrilled I would get to see them in such an intimate setting. I missed them the last time they were In Ireland and I couldn’t let the same thing happen this time around, especially not after the rave reviews I heard about their last gig. Things have really picked up for them since then with the release of their new album A Different Kind Of Fix. Their last album Flaws wasn’t up to much and they kind of slipped off the radar for a while. I’m glad to say that A Different Kind Of Fix is far superior and not only do the songs sound good on album, performed live they were pretty damned good too.

They kicked things off with a powerful rendition of shuffle that really got the crowd going, Singer Jack Steadmen delivered some wonderful vocals and live is just a completely different prospect to CD. The set was varied throughout the three albums quite evenly and they powered through the songs not pausing for very long to let the crowd catch up. The frenetic pace allowed them to rattle off plenty of tracks so I doubt anyone was left wanting for their favourite track.

I had presumed it would be left until the encore but, four songs from the end Magnet made a very welcome appearance. At times if you closed your eyes you could almost swear you were at an Interpol gig, something I have remarked upon before. Bad Timing and Always Like This got the biggest reaction. The crowd sang along in great voice to most numbers in what was an all together chilled out affair, with some funky beats thrown in for good measure.

That was night one at Vicar Street, they had another the following night which we hear was just as good.  We most certainly were glad we made the trip to Vicar Street. Bombay Bicycle Club are blowing up big right now, and next time, the venue most likely won’t be as intimate.


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