Cars love girls – Lose your mind

Following a successful career in The Republic of Loose, members Bres and Orla have decided to collaborate on a project of their own. Cars love girls sees the siblings stick to what they know musically with Orla taking lead vocals and Bres sticking to guitar and backing vocals. As a founding member of The Republic of Loose Bres helped to co-write some of their biggest hits, so I was curious to see how Cars love girls would compare.

Truth be told I was very disappointed with their first offering Lose your mind. It’s bland, forgettable and even after several listens it didn’t grow on me. In a nutshell it sounds like The Republic of Loose but with female vocals. I had hoped that they would be more inventive and use this opportunity to create something completely different, but for some reason they decided to just produce an extension of what they were already doing. It’s sure to be a hit with those who are fans of their earlier band, but I don’t see it gaining them a following of their own.

I’m not going to dismiss Cars love girls completely, after all this is their first single. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future.

Their debut album ‘Skip School’ which will be released in the near future. They play a headline show in Crawdaddy on Saturday 5th November.


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