Storyfold – Rocket science

Despite only forming in 2009 Storyfold have risen through the ranks quickly and managed to make quite a name for themselves in their short existence. They first came to the attention of the public with the release of their debut single Delphine wakes. The follow up single Behind closed doors proved just as popular and helped them secure a number of high profile gigs in the following months as well as raising their profile immensely.

Their debut album may seem a little rushed considering they only arrived on the scene in 2009 but it’s definitely a good first effort. There are definitely no filler tracks and each song blends perfectly with the next. I had loved the band since the release of their first single and played it inside out for a good few months after first obtaining it. After a series of high profile gigs I was glad to see that they had finally released something a bit more substantial. Their songs always captured the listener and so I was expecting to fall for this album too.

I have to admit I wasn’t sold on this one straight away, it’s very reminiscent of The Blizzards in places, bar the presence of a female voice and a piano. But after a few listens it definitely started to grow on me. It definitely has some catchy songs, and the presence of a female voice and piano definitely do it some favours. The opening song Ciara, Don’t be angry, starts off pretty slowly, and then suddenly kicks into quite a catchy chorus, definitely worth a listen. This album doesn’t quite catch you straight but there are plenty of choruses that stick in your head, such as those of Trick of light and Run Kid, both solid sing-along-in-the-car type tracks. Behind closed doors is a much slower song, but again it has a chorus that makes you want to listen. Fan favourite Delphine wakes makes a welcome addition to the album, catchy and familiar it’s sure to be a firm favourite with listeners not already familiar with the track. Recent single The Battle is clearly the standout track of the album. It grabs the listener instantly and makes you wonder why you haven’t taken more notice of the Dublin five piece before.

I reckon that this is an album that might take a bit of time for some listeners to get into. If you liked their initial releases chances are that you’ll like this, it has all their previous singles as well as some brand new gems, and if you’re one of the people that compared them unfavourably to a number of other Irish groups, then this will change your mind. Storyfold have really come into their own with Rocket science, I hope that they continue to go from strength to strength the way they have been.


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