Fionn Regan – The Grand Social 21/06/2011

Fionn Regan took to the stage to perform to a sell out crowd in The grand social on Thursday in preparation for the release of his new album ‘100 Acres of Sycamore’. The album is due out in August and Fionn has already begun touring the country performing intimate acoustic sets to give fans a taste of things to come.

Departing from the electric sound of the previous album, ‘100 Acres of Sycamore’ is a more instrumental affair. It shows a gentle folkier side to the singer songwriter, much more a kin to the sound of his first album, and he makes the transition perfectly. The lyrics possess a striking poetry and there is hidden meaning to be found in every line, soaring string arrangements and a powerful percussion line accompany Fionn’s stunning vocal and classical guitar picking style to create a sound that fans new and old are sure to love.

I was anticipating an intimate set and because the gig was held in The Grand Social, I was not disappointed. One of the lesser known venues in Dublin it has an intimate setting and a perfect viewing spot no matter where you are located. As expected Fionn reeled out the new material and delighted fans with some of the songs that are bound to end up as new fan favourites. He did however delve into his earlier material such as ‘Put A Penny In The Slot’. The opening notes created a hushed silence over the audience, as the broken heart-strung vocals compliment the smooth guitar accompaniment. A great reminder of why we all fell in love with him in the first place.

For the most part however, poignant moments are kept to a minimum tonight, with new songs moved into the centre of attention. While many songwriters have been known to lose their original edge when changing their musical style, Fionn seems to relish the challenge and it suits him perfectly. And it’s a further testament to him that each song is so tight tonight, sounding even better than they do on record. He really gave it his all tonight, I hope he and the new record do well, they both deserve the recognition.




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