Queens of the stone age – Olympia Theatre 19/05/2011

U.s rock band Queens of the Stone Age stormed the Olympia theatre Thursday night, for a rare performance of their first album to coincide with its recent re release. Originally released back in 1998 the self titled album defined a generation with its chugging guitars, murky lyrics and haunting style. Their music is clever, unique, beautifully twisted and most importantly, rides that heavy dance groove that so few rock bands can find. Tickets to this unmissable event were like gold dust and as I took to my seat I thought to myself just how lucky I was to be here. Tickets sold out in record time and even with three computers on all vying for tickets in the end I managed to get two, thousands of fans were not so lucky.

The atmosphere was electric, eager happy faces filled the theatre. As they took to the stage the crowd erupted. The cheers were deafening and as the first few notes of regular John floated from the stage utter chaos broke out. Avon followed straight after and with the crowd lyric perfect it was sometimes difficult to hear over the excitement. They powered through the entire first album as promised, mixing up the running order after the first two songs to keep the audience guessing. The crowd stayed enthralled for the entire set with Josh Homme looking genuinely moved every time he scanned the crowd and caught a glimpse of his adoring fans. I can’t quit you baby was the last song to be played but no means the least, it was the perfect end to the perfect set and even as the band exited the stage the crowd were already baying for more.

They left the crowd in suspense for ten minutes before they came back on stage to a rapturous applause. Hanging tree signalled the start of their highly anticipated encore. All the hits followed with the band even treating the audience to a second encore, Finishing with go with the flow they left the audience begging for more. Josh Homme was quoted as saying it was the best show of the tour, and for once I’m inclined to believe the cliché





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